van Hoorebeke acknowledges the importance of a high reaction speed in order to meet the demand of its customers. Logistics, distribution, and storage are important pillars which contribute to the success of this strategy.

Storage is entirely managed from a single central location. Our automated planning system allows for the speedy confirmation of an accurate delivery term.
As for distribution, we collaborate with the most service-oriented transporters for each region.

Our transport department is located on the Kluizendok, Vasco da Gamalaan 1, Kaai 7840A, 9042 Ghent.

You can contact the local manager, Johan Wierinck on the following number: +32 9 257 19 77, by fax +32 9 257 19 79 or by e-mail : Click here.



You can contact our storage responsable, Kristof Vermeire on +32 9 257 19 81. 

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