Certification and environmental Policy

Certification and environmental Policy

The importance of caring for the environment of our blue planet is obvious to any reasonable person.
To a modern company such as van Hoorebeke, it is therefore only natural to pay attention to the origins and sustainability of the extraction methods used for its products.

van Hoorebeke prides itself on having imported the first FSC-certified shipment of pinewood from Scandinavia via the port of Ghent in the spring of 1998.

We have been a holder of the Chain of Custody certificate for many years now, both for FSC and for PEFC. These labels guarantee that the timber and the panel materials (OSB and MDF) are extracted from sustainably managed areas, and that the environment is not ruthlessly exploited in the process.

Our purchasers make sustained efforts to find producers all over the world who carry certified timber; this is why our range features both tropical hardwood from Brazil, Siberian larch and pitch pine/Norway spruce from Russia bearing the FSC label and Scandinavian pitch pine/Norway spruce and Western Red Cedar from Canada bearing the PEFC quality mark.

Wherever it does not (yet) appear to be possible to obtain an environment label, we try to trace the legality of the supplied timber.
This is why we ask our suppliers to exclude by written commitment illegally logged products or products originating from areas with dubious forest management practices.

Besides this, we have also joined the Timber Trade Action Plan (TTAP), which was installed, among other things, under the auspices of the European Community and its FLEGT plan (Forest Law Enforcement Government and Trade), and which features an action plan to combat illegal logging and trade.


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